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Family Tradition Tree Stands Accessories
Below you will find some nice additions to your Family Tradition Treestand. These accessories are made with the same quality craftsmanship that you have come to expect from us. If your local dealer isn't stocking these items, let him know they are available and see if he will order a few for you.

We have some new and exciting products coming up, check back here for new models and accessories

New Camo Designs!

We always thought that we could improve our camouflage system and we finally did it for the 2010 season!


On the BRR12, LD14 and DD14 ladderstands the camo wraps around the backside, connected with a combination of snaps and buckles, to give you some leeway to move your legs a bit throughout the hunt!

Also, all stands now feature zippered entrances to make for easy access and exiting!


Also, for the LD360 and the Tripods we have incorporated elastic around the bottom so they are tighter from top to bottom!

The camo now wraps around the shooting rails of all models and snaps together tight, with custom cut-outs to accommodate shooting rail supports on Tripods and the LD360! 

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The safest way to raise and lower your firearm is to use our patented 20' hoist.  It has the added bonus of keeping your barrel from sticking into the mud after you lower it because it stays horizontal.  The looped end goes over the barrel and the plastic coupling system attaches to the stock for simple and easy attachment!  Simply snap off the firearm hoist and you now have your bow hoist!

Looking for a more comfortable seating system? 

People have been buying so many that we made a new "kit".  You can buy the individual parts (seat, swivel plate featuring nylon bearings, three-legged pedestal) or purchase the kit.

Some are buying them for their fishing/duck hunting boat while others are using them in their elevated shooting houses.

We've even started making a base (31" square) out of tubing and expanded metal because people wanted to use them in ground blinds and around fire-pits! 


In the spring of 2012 Travis Turner, AKA T-Bone, contacted us about some home improvements he was undertaking.  He utilized our chairs in his newly renovated man-cave by bolting them onto custom built wooden pedestals.




Then he asked if we could make him a table and chairs for use down by the lake and bonfire pit.  He had seen the table and chairs we made to exhibit at shows and we were happy to accommodate Travis.


Now, you too can enjoy the most durable and comfortable camp furniture available!  The table is made with the exact material we use on the rest of our products.





  • 48"x78" diameter

  • 15/8" diameter legs

  • Swedged legs for easy removal, simply slip them on/off

  • 3" square plate welded on legs to help prevent sinking

  • Expanded metal surface area

  • Custom-mixed powder coating for durability





Much like the seats above, customers drove this new product.  We kept getting asked if we could lower the tripods down to the ground level so we finally did it.  We're starting with the double since it's so popular.  This blind will be approximately 33" off the ground with an extra set of legs in the front for added stability.  You can add the roof and camo just like our popular tripods!


Camo pictured is XD3 from TrueTimber

Ladder Stand Accessories
CUSTOM LADDER SKIRT - Made from very durable poly 600 fabric with a black urethane backing to help conceal your movement as well as block the wind.  Please specify what model ladder when purchasing.


LADDER EXT - 41" Ladder extension fits all of our ladder models. Great for that extra bump in height.


Our unique ladderstands were never designed to be used with more than extension. 



Improper use could lead to serious injury or even death!


NEWLY IMPROVED RATCHET STRAP - Replace your cheap straps with our fully assembled 3,300lb. breaking strength ratchet straps with large rubber coated pull handle.  Also features camo webbing with sewn tag-end to prevent pull through on spindle.  These 80" ratchets come standard with every ladderstand and hang-on system we make!  Also available in 15' length.  Made in U.S.A.!



Tripod Stand Accessories






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TRIPOD SKIRT - Made from very durable poly 600 fabric with a black urethane backing to help conceal your movement as well as block the wind.  Please specify what model tripod when purchasing.


TRIPOD ROOF SYSTEM:  (Shown with optional Archery Supports)

Molded Heavy Gauge plastic roofing kits are available for the TRI 18 and DBL- TRI Tripod Stands.  The kits come with mounting hardware including 20" (from shooting rail) roof supports .  For Bow Hunters - make sure to get extra roof supports so you can draw back on that trophy buck!  Our 20" Roof Extensions added onto the standard Roof Supports giving you 40" of clearance.



TRIPOD ANCHOR SYSTEM:  (Shown between legs of Tripods)

Includes a 15' 3,300lb. Ratchet Strap that connects to a Ground Anchor to help prevent the Tripod from tipping over. Ground Anchor is 15" long with a 3" auger on one end.  The Anchor Strap is secured under the foot platform to a welded hook and to the Ground Anchor system installed in the ground below. 



NOTE:  You should NEVER setup your tripod on slopes or grades greater than 5%!

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